The Central New York Reiki Association is conducting a research study on Reiki's effect on individuals' perception of wellness, with the goal of determining if people feel significantly better after receiving a Reiki session. Participants rate themselves on how they feel before and after their session on a 10-point scale, where 1 is "worst possible", 5 is "ok" and 10 is "best possible". Ratings are gathered before and after Reiki sessions. Comments are also solicited on both occasions.

Our Reiki Research Study began in May, 2014 and is ongoing. Data is collected at the Reiki Clinic at Infinite Light Center, as well as in private sessions conducted by members of the Central New York Reiki Association.

Our hypothesis is that participants' perception of wellness will be significantly improved after receiving a Reiki session. So far, data has been collected on over 200 participants, yielding the following results:

           Average pre-Reiki session score - 5

           Average post-Reiki session score - 8

On average, participants felt "OK" (rating of 5) before receiving Reiki, and felt "great" (rating of 8) after receiving Reiki! These results are very promising!

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on the progress of  our study.

Does Reiki Influence Wellness?

My migraine is gone, and I could get off the table without help!

I couldn't lift my arm when I came in; now I have free range of movement in my shoulder and arm.

I'm feeling much better. The tension is gone from my shoulders and my headache is gone.

My headache went away, my anxiety dissolved. I'm more relaxed and feeling positive!

I feel relaxed & happy. Feeling capable of dealing with the issues I came in with.

You hit every spot in my body that I have problems with!

A bomb could go off and it wouldn't even phase me, I'm so relaxed!

I feel very relaxed and completely free of concerns about what's next on my list.

Wow! This is how I should always feel!

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