Reiki Global Healing Project

The Reiki Global Healing Project is a way for Reiki practitioners to bring healing to the Earth and its inhabitants. A world wide Reiki grid was created and then activated at our Reiki Retreat on 8/11/17. The grid was designed so that Reiki energy continuously emanates from it to provide healing for the Earth and its inhabitants. Reiki practitioners placed opalite stones in bodies of water around the globe and then came together to activate the grid. The Reiki energy emanating from the grid is enhanced by the fluidity of the water element and is carried by the water to heal and balance the Earth and all who live on this beautiful planet. 

Reiki Practitioners; you can be part of our Reiki Global Healing Project! Just connect with our grid distantly and visualize or imagine Reiki energy flowing throughout our beautiful planet, providing healing to all life on Earth. 

‚ÄčHealing the World with Reiki